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Click on the link below to find prices for the front axles and Ashcroft CV joints.

   Note all of the red nominated axles have 24 spline at the diff end.  These are upgrades and as an upgrade it is best to install the strongest axle available.  Some of the vehicles listed were fitted with a weaker corse 10 Spline at the diff end.  We do not recommend using these axles unless if avoidable.  If ordering diff locks always use the 24 spline even in the earlier vehicles and complement it with a better 24 spline axle.  Vehicles affected have".24" after the MDE Part Number.

 Axle Kit MDE  Vehicle RRC  Vehicle Disco1  Vehicle County & Defender  Cv Part No  CV Spline Axle Spline 
 HTE606662/3  >305590 1987      606665  24  10
HTE606662/3.24  >305590 1987   606665  24  24
 HTE5840/42  305591 to JA624516    >JA032849  


  32 small  10
 HTE5840/42.24  305591 to JA624516   >JA032849  


 32 small  24
 HTE2520/21      County >87  AEU2522   24   10
 HTE2520/21.24      County >87  AEU2522   24   24
   HTE 3049/50  JA624517 to end of Classic  JA032851 to end Series 1  County 88> Defender 110 & 130   STC3051



 32   24
      Discovery Series 2