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Servicing and Maintenance

When it comes to purchasing or maintaining your Land Rover, few places in Australia have the depth of experience you’ll find here at Les Richmond Automotive.  Whilst we are less glamorous than a typical Land Rover dealership does in no way mean we are less concerned for you, your vehicle or your families well being. In most cases, from my experience we offer a far better and more personal service than they ever do. We can also offer a far more manageable repair costs than most dealerships or even franchise dealerships. Our specialists have been passionate advocates of the marque for many decades and they continue to build their technical knowledge of the brand every day.


Tools and Equipment used to diagnose problems used by Les Richmond Automotive is nothing short of the latest up to date equipment. The specialist Land Rover software makes diagnostics more accurate and more powerful allowing full program updates, service procedures and than many repairers specialist requirements. As Land Rovers have always lead the way in technology and advancements we are at the pointy end of technology and for that reason we back ourselves up with the largest Land Rover technical support company assisting us with the trickiest of problems.


Our people possesses an encyclopaedic knowledge of almost every Land Rover since the 1970's and endeavour to treat all clients and their vehicle with honesty, respect and patience.

All of our pre-owned cars are properly checked and fully serviced in our workshop right next door before being delivered to their new owners. We have always charged fairly – more often than not, saving our clients a small fortune on their vehicle purchase, as well as servicing and parts.

Most importantly, we never forget it’s our our clients who pay our wages and that they’ll always be the best form of advertising.