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2016 has been a very busy year.

In 2016 we haven't actually developed a lot of new products. It has been very busy from the get go. With our normal everyday servicing and repairs keeping the bulk of the show running we have also had a large number of vehicle modifications to do. From the simple add ons to the more sofisticated modifications done to a 2016 8000Km old 200 series Toyota and the remodification of one of our Storm Series Rangies. It was also sad to hear one of our Storm Series Rangies was taken by the sea and written off. We lost one of our children. Our staff has been grea all pulling together to make 2016 a successful year.

In 2017 we have more changes to come. Hopefully moving workshop and due to some engineering rule changes will hopefully have a 2" body lift kit out for the D2 and will hopefully now be able to convert more D2's with the LS range of engines. I can see a busy 2017 coming up.